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Our Mission

The Tech-Jobs program is comprised of meetings held over 10 weeks. Designed with community input in mind, the proposed interventions include: (1) career assessment and planning, (2) e-community of practice (peer mentoring and information support), (3) e-mentoring, (4) virtual field trips, (5) online motivational speaker series, (6) online workplace socialization skills training, (7) online impression management job interviewing training, and (8) advocacy training.


The program will take place weekly for 90 minutes on whatever day is commonly available for all participants. Typically the first 60 minutes will be video, with the last 30 being interactive discussion. In addition, e-mentorship and an e-community will be ongoing support mechanisms throughout the 10 weeks.

10 Week Schedule

Each proposed component of the Tech-Jobs modules are based on existing research and theoretical support. Throughout the project, the Community Advisory Team will meet regularly to improve the quality of intervention program.


Pre-assessment & Orientation


Forerunners film & Discussion: Self-advocacy skills


Communication Strategies Module 1: Workplace social skills


Motivational Speaker 1 


Communication Strategies Module 2: Impression Management


Motivational Speaker 2


Understanding ADA and Job Accommodations


Advocacy in Action Module 1: Virtual Field Trip


Advocacy in Action Module 2: Virtual Field Trip

A documentary about the lives of individuals with disabilities in tech-based fields. Students will reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and disability identity.

Adapted from the U.S. Department of Labor's curriculum, the module will teach online soft skills. The lesson will also be augmented with short instructional videos.

Ms. Sherri Littlejohn, President of Littlejohn Leadership Coaching & Consulting, will share her experience in the tech field over film. Discussion will take place after over Zoom.

The module will focus on impression management and job interviews, with a slide presentation and training video. Participants will then be tested for knowledge.

Mr. Lester McCarroll, Principal Consultant for The McCarroll Group and former Vice President of Motorola, will share his experience in the tech field over film. Discussion will be over Zoom.

Lecture and video supplements will be used to increase familiarity with ADA Title 1 and job accommodations, with the goal of increasing self-advocacy.

Participants will take a virtual field trip to SPR, a technology modernization firm, in order to learn about the responsibilities of tech professions and potential shadowing opportunities

Participants will take a virtual field trip to IT's Center for Learning Innovation, which offers services to address the difficulties of online learning. Discussion will be held after both trips.


Wrap-Up & Reflection; post-assessment

Join Us

Tech-Jobs interventions aims to  both increase college completion rates and employment opportunities of Black and African American students with disabilities. Participants will be paid.

Eligible participants are Black/African American

college students with disabilities who:

  • are currently enrolled in a participating college and pursuing a technology-related degree

  • identify as having a disability

  • are their own guardian

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